Height Is Very Important, If One Does Not Have The Appropriate Height – Try Shoe Lifts

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How the height makes an impact

The personality is very important to get success in life and for attaining a good personality one has to take care of a lot of things like the clothes, shoes, accessories etc. but more than everything, height is the most important factor one should have for attaining a fine personality. That’s why short men usually develop an inferiority complex. Because it will not be wrong if one says that taller men are preferred over short men and this discrimination hurts the masses. But technology is doing wonders for people from day it has been invented.

Shoe lifts – a solution to the major problem

Shoe lifts have become very popular among short men. These are being used by the most famous personalities and by the common people as well. At first, men did not use height increasing shoes because of being chased and mocked by the fellow men. But after the creation of the shoe lift, it has become very easy to become tall without using any watchable device.

Even the tall men are using the lifts

The shoe lift has become so much popular that even the tallest men are using this device. It feels like every man on this earth wants to be over 6’ fall. Many of the Hollywood male models uses shoe lift for men while modeling and before getting on the red carpet. There is nothing wrong in using the shoe lifts as they are not at all harmful neither recognizable. The shoe lifts are very easy to carry, one does not have to put extra effort while carrying the lifts.

Best shoe lifts to choose

There are many brands in the market offering several kinds of shoe lifts in sizes and shapes. One just has to make sure that which lift suits the most of the foot of the buyer because if the correct choice is not made, one can feel unsatisfied and difficulties while using the product. On the other while buying the product make sure that one is buying the quality product and the stuff use in the shoe lift is genuine and not made of the inappropriate stuff. The copies of every famous product are in the market which sometimes overcomes the truth and one end up buying the fake product. That’s why it is recommended to gather enough information before buying the product and make the best choice.

Plus Size Fashion Brand Curvety.com Launches Fabulous Clothing Kickstarter Campaign

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kickstarter-badge-funded (1)

Curvety is proud to announce the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for a super trendy plus size collection,which will be made exclusively for the Curvetybrand. Curvety is planning to raise £60,000 via the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and surprise fans with some of the best designs and most stylish pieces in the fashion industry.

Curvety is scheduling the new collection to be launched next year and they’re planning to work with a talented designer to create 20 to 40 pieces to meet and exceed the needs of their loyal customers. This stunning collection will include smart and unique dresses for any occasion in sizes 16 to 32.

The main focus of this new project isdesigns that flatter fuller figures and accentuate curves. Every single piece will be original and available exclusively through Curvety. With this new collection every woman will be able to enjoy a variety of different colours, high-quality materials and stylish features that will make any plus-size figure look gorgeous.

All supporters will begiven the opportunity to vote and eventually select all the designs that will make it to production. Curvety has already set the goal to work with the best people in the industry to create a stunning collection for all fashionable plus-size women.

Now, there is also a wonderful surprise for all supporters!

As soon as this fantastic collection is ready, Curvety will start working on presenting it to all beautiful women out there. This will be a wonderful chance to buy various items at discounted prices, attend a  glamorous VIP launch party andearn amazing rewards as a result of your investment in this exciting new range.

Curvety have been a big part of the plus-size fashion industry for some time now and are always on the search for new trends and contemporary designs,understanding that every woman wants to feel and look fabulous, regardless her size and shape.

They’ve been working for years to provide all full-figured women stylish clothes and chic accessories for special occasions. Curvety are all about celebrating curves and proving that no woman has to compromise on her style.

Visit http://www.curvety.com/ to find your favourite clothing designs and if you’d like to learn more about their new campaign and give them your support check the details here: http://www.curvety.com/blog/2015/08/curvety-launches-exciting-plus-size-clothing-kickstarter-campaign/

7 Reasons You Need To Dress Awesome At Festivals This Year

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Have some fun in awesome outfits!

It’s time for fresh air, music, friends and fun. You’ve definitely will go this summer to a festival and we are sure you are happy because you can wear so many special and extravagant outfits. A festival is the perfect occasion to show your true personality and to be more daring and extravagant in choosing your festival clothes. Here you have 7 reasons you need to go to a festival and be the best dressed out there!

  • You can wear anything you want.

The most beautiful thing about festivals is that you see people dress so differently, but yet they look so good together. Therefore you can literally dress whenever you like it, no one will judge you and you will feel like in a fairy tale.

  • Glitter & sparkles.

In our opinion glitter is a must at a festival, you can have glitter shoes, glitter dress, you can put glitter in your hair or on your face. It will make you feel happier and you will shine like a diamond.

dd0dfe8802.jpg (604×400)

  • Bohemian atmosphere.

This season the most anticipated look at the festivals is the hippie, bohemian look. That means suede pants, fringes everywhere, baggy clothes. Flowers all around, in your hair or on your clothes, Just get inspired by the 70’s look.

  • Imperfect hair.

The perfect thing is the imperfect hair! You don’t need to worry about your hair, leave it natural and messy. It will make you feel more free and in tune with yourself.

e6618d18bd.jpg (619×317)

  • Make-up free.

Because you stay all day and night outdoors you don’t need to wear make-up. First of all is not good for your skin to stay so much with make-up on and you will not have time to cleanse your skin. You girls are so beautiful with fresh and glowing skin!

  • Comfy shoes.

Wear a pair of sandals or sneakers. Wear them till they rip apart, dance and move however you like it. Have no time to worry about your shoes, just pic some comfy, stylish shoes.

  • Trendy accessories.

If you are not such a hippie one and don’t want to have natural, wavy hair you can go for a crazy hairstyle or some hair accesories. In trend now are the half top knots, festival hats, hair garlands and flash tattoos.

  • Main reason:

The most important thing is to have tons of fun. Because when you are happy it can be easily seen on your face and in your behaviour. We are sure you will feel amazing at some festivals this summer!

53886745ab.jpg (703×482)


The Ultimate Shabby Chic Bedroom

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If you are getting ready to deck out your bedroom in that ultimate shabby chic look you’re probably already doing your research. A room in this style might look like it takes a lot of effort, time and money, but you’d be surprised. It might shock you to know that creating a shabby chic vibe is easier than you think.

A lot of work that goes into designing this type of room is simply by ‘refurbishing’ your already existing furniture. Take any piece that you have, chest of drawers, bedside tables, wardrobes, dressing tables, or headboards, and get ready to ‘shabby chic’ them up. For this, you will need sandpaper, water-based paint (chalk paint works really well) and beeswax.

Start by sanding down the furniture and getting all of that varnish off. Paint it the colour that you prefer (white is usually the most popular but any colour will suffice). Let it dry until it has a matte finish. You’ll then want to sand down the corners and edges of the piece of furniture. This will give it a naturally antique look that is ideal for the shabby chic design. Use the beeswax as a topcoat.

Now, the great thing about decorating with this design is that it’s very forgiving. For those pieces of furniture that have scratches and bashes, you can disguise them as shabby chic by using this technique. This design celebrates all things eclectic and vintage. You can add these refurbished pieces to inherited techniques and other furnishings you have lying around the house.

Whether you choose to use bright and bold colours or soft and muted, when you add in textures such as linen bedding and curtains as well as ‘old’ furnishings, you can achieve this stylish and vintage vibe. Colours that work best are sheer blues, white, ivory and pink, lilac and even sage green. Think nature. Against these and cream backgrounds, you can use any one colour or a mixture to bring the outside in.

When it comes to accessorising, again, look for old things. Go through antique and thrift shops to find what you are looking for. Old tin watering cans with dried flowers, vintage floral curtains, and wrought iron beds, plain but texturized rugs, old paintings and to top it off, a gorgeous chandelier.

Redecorating your bedroom in this particular style doesn’t have to be expensive. Use furniture that you already have and vintage finds shouldn’t be hard to come by. Remember to use a mixture of colours and textures while adding in the perfect décor to give you that wonderful shabby chic feel.

What Should you Wear After Pregnancy?

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Your post-baby body can be a bit of a shock, but with the right clothing it doesn’t have to be depressing. You’ll need to allow your body time to bounce back, and during the transition you can stay comfortable in clothes that make you feel your best. You might even be able to keep wearing some of your maternity clothes.


High quality leggings with soft waistbands are always a good bet- they help smooth your tummy and allow you to move in any direction. You’ll probably be spending a good amount of time on the couch with baby during the first few weeks, but leggings are great for taking baby in her stroller for some air too.

Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans often look a lot like regular jeans, just with an elasticated waist band instead of a constricting zipper and button. Paired with a longer top, you can keep wearing your maternity jeans to accommodate some of the post-baby weight and keep you comfortable- no one has to know.

Tunics and Long Tops

Pair your leggings or skinny maternity jeans with flowy tunics and longer tops. There’s no reason to try to squeeze yourself into skin-tight clothing just yet. If you’re nursing, choose tops that can easily be unbuttoned or stretched down for easy access.

Supportive Camis

You may have worn longer camis during pregnancy to cover your bump, and you can keep using them after baby is born. They make great layers under a cardigan or flowy top, and usually allow for easy breastfeeding.

Long Cardigans

Having long cardigans gives you something to wrap yourself up in, and layer over other pieces. They offer a little protection over your bum and post-pregnancy tummy, and some can even do double duty as nursing coverups.

Great Jewelry

You may not be completely confident in your figure yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look radiant. Dress up with some sparkly earrings or a gorgeous chunky necklace. These items are great for dressing up a more casual look, and drawing attention to your face and new-mom glow.

Comfy Flats

When you’re carrying a new baby the last thing you want is to be wobbly or unsteady on your feet, so opt for comfortable flats instead of heels. If it’s warm out you can go for some supportive sandals. One day when you have a moment to yourself you can go for a pedicure; the perfect new-mom treat!

Practical Necessities

Along with the right clothing there are a few items you’ll want to keep on hand, to keep you comfy with baby:

  • Burp cloths
  • Soft cloths to clean up spit-up
  • Cotton nursing bras
  • Bibs for baby
  • Nursing cover-ups and baby blankets

Use these tips to help you prepare your post-baby wardrobe, and even start shopping for a few things to wear at that time. It can be a great mood-booster to have something new to slip into.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using The Venus Factor Diet Plan

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The Venus Factor is one of the few diet plans for women which are trustable. With the Venus Factor, you will be able to see a considerable loss of pounds in your weight. This program is designed specifically for women by keeping in mind their body physique and type. The Venus Factors system is made on the idea of controlling and operating the amount of leptin that the female body produces on a regular basis to influence rapid weight loss.

But a coin have both a bright and a dark side. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the Venus Factor diet plan. Do consider them before purchasing or ordering the package.


Following are the advantages that would help you to look the positive side of the product.

  1. The Venus factor diet aims at losing the weight by manipulating the amount of leptin produced in their bodies to produce hunger.
  2. Another positive aspect of the Venus Factor diet program is its capacity to teach the women how to modify their bodies through healthy eating and regular exercise. They receive the diet and work out manuals in the package that will help them further in this regard.
  3. The Venus Factor weight loss system helps women to make some changes to their eating habits and nutrition, so that their brains will automatically produce leptin in less quantities that will not regulate them to eat or consume anything. This habit will reduce the considerable amount of the calorie intake and that will definitely help them to maintain the body weight for long term.
  4. By having a low weight, they may be able to reduce the probability of developing other chronic diseases.
  5. The other important and healthy benefit of the Venus factor Diet plan is the work out and exercise suggestions that they provide to the women. These work out or exercise habits allows the women to remove the fats that are stored in their bodies.


The disadvantages of the Venus Factor Diet plan are:

  1. This package is not introduced for men. Men could not apply to purchase it as this package only works on the principle of reducing the amount of leptin and the leptin produced in men is relatively low.
  2. If not properly followed, the women may not get the desirable results.

For more information about this diet plan check the venus factor reviews.

Beautiful Bedding – The Benefits of Bamboo

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It’s probably safe to say that 100% cotton bed linen is still by far the UK’s number-one choice…at least as far as hard sales are concerned. When the time comes to invest in new bedding, the overwhelming majority of buyers don’t even have to give the matter a second thought – they simply make a beeline to the nearest store that sells cotton bedding and choose largely at random. Some products are made with unbelievably soft 400-thread count Egyptian cotton and others are so rough you might as well be sleeping on a doormat – in any and all cases though, cotton is the UK’s favourite and probably will be for quite some time at least.

However, there’s something of a newcomer just starting to make its way into the mix right now that’s already taking those in the know by storm. On the surface it might sound like an odd concept to those coming across it for the first time, but the simple fact of the matter is that once you’ve tried out bamboo bedding for yourself…well, let’s just say it’s a difference you won’t soon forget! Just like cotton there are many different grades and quality levels when it comes to bedding made with bamboo, but find yourself a quality example and chances are you’ll see and feel in an instant what all the fuss is about.

The Best of All Worlds?

In terms of what it is that makes bamboo bedding so special, it’s all about the way in which the material offers an experience which could in many ways be considered the best of all worlds. Not only is it as soft, strong and hard-wearing as the best cotton, but it can also be manufactured in such a way as to feel as smooth and inviting as silk or cashmere. At the same time, it’s also a wonderfully breathable material which helps control both temperature and moisture levels between the sheets, guaranteeing an absolutely dreamy bedtime experience regardless of the season.

And if all this wasn’t enough, bamboo bedding is now more affordable than ever before. Of course it’s not quite on the same price levels as the cheapest polyester on the market, but when you think of what you get out of it, there’s no comparison in value for money stakes.

Your Overnight Thermostat

Without going into the most complicated scientific details, it’s worth noting that bamboo bedding has proved itself to be uniquely effective when it comes to controlling temperatures between the sheets all night long. This all comes down to the material’s unique breathability, insulating properties and the way in which it wicks moisture away more effectively than most other materials. This way, the material actually adjusts to the temperature of your body in order to keep you cool when it’s too warm and warm when it’s rather on the cold side.

Or in other words, it’s a bit like having your own personal thermostat keep an eye on you for the whole night! Even on the hottest of days you’ll be surprised just how comfortable bamboo bedding can make things – temperature control of course being of the utmost importance when it comes to quality sleep.

Kind to Pockets and the Planet

Bamboo bedding may not be the cheapest type of bedding on the market right now, but it’s better to think of it more as a long-term investment. The reason being that while cotton may be strong and durable enough, a good quality example of bamboo bedding will usually outlast its cotton counterparts up to three times over. As such, paying just a little more for bamboo bedding in the first instance is actually likely to save you money over the long-term as you’ll be replacing your sheets and covers only a third as often.

And of course, who can put a price on a good night’s sleep?

Last but not least, it’s also worth bearing in mind that bamboo bedding is (in the case of a reputable brand at least!) sourced and manufactured in a way that’s infinitely more environmentally friendly than all polyester bedding and most cotton bedding to boot. It comes in all shapes and sizes, it’s hypo-allergenic and it really couldn’t be easier to care for – what more could you ask for from any piece of household bedding?

Bedding crafted from bamboo is already a big deal, though is guaranteed to become a new household staple across the UK over the coming years. So, why not make now the time to get ahead of the curve and experience the difference for yourself?

Chances are, you’ll be glad you did!

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

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There are various tips on an ideal approach to settling broken valves all around through the web today. In any case, most of them tend to be awkward and just serve to bewilder perusers, which can be genuinely aggravating if getting directly to the point. Additionally, regardless of what sort of fixture you have, either pull down kitchen faucet or the combination type, the accompanying guidelines will empower you to supplant it without much inconvenience:

  • Accumulate all the vital devices like a screwdriver, entering the oil, movable torque or slip-joint forceps and substitution washers.
  • Before you touch anything, discover why the fixture is trickling or spilling. By and large, it may be the case that the machine is exhausted, a weak or free establishment or the wrong size.
  • After recognizing the reason, kill the water supply from underneath the sink or from the fundamental esteem or meter. This will stop the whole water supply and you ought to likely edify the individuals in your home to stay away from any bothered.
  • Unscrew the handle and if vital, utilize the entering oil to extricate the screws that may be covered up underneath a metal or plastic catch.
  • Remove the handle and study the spigot get together distinctly. Utilize your forceps or wrench to evacuate the pressing nut.
  • Loosen the screws that hold the washer using the entering oil on the off chance that they demonstrate somewhat troublesome.
  • Substitute the washer with a suitable one. On the off chance that the old one is sloped, supplanted it with an angled one and in the event that it is a level one, pick a level one. This ought to settle the break to some degree. Make sure to supplant the washer with a significant in light of the fact that a few machines are mainly planned chilly or boiling point water.
  • After you are confident that the new washer is for sure the best possible one, affix it to the stem and reassemble the fixture.
  • Turn the stem clockwise and put the pressing nut back to position taking care not to scar metal with your wrench.
  • The last strategy ought to be to reinstall the handle and to supplant plate and catches if any. Turn the fixture on to pay special mind to holes. This ought to finish your venture the length of there are no holes.
  • Keep in mind that if your fixtures are poor in quality, you will always be in the matter of altering breaks. The best thing here would be to put resources into unrivaled spigots that won’t just spare you years of pointless work, yet will likewise spare you a considerable measure of cash over the long haul.
  • The best quality in the business sector today is durable metal that is perfect for hard water districts. A few makers will offer the spigots body and the handle independently which will permit you to blend and match distinctive styles and completions.
  • In the event that you are uncertain of any brand, online client’s audits will give you a thought on its effectiveness. To get the best, you must be willing to pay for the best then you will never again be scanning for tips and directions on the most proficient method to settle

Simply take after the strides, and you will be a specialist quickly!

Dane Sarkin’s Guys Don’t Get It – Book Review

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If you are a guy who has very small confidence in making the first move and going out with girls, you might want to consider reading this book review that might be of help to you.

Upon scanning self-help books, I came along reading Dane Sarkin’s Guys Don’t Get It. Sarkin came from Sydney, Australia and a Dating Coach. In this book, it was usually about on how guys could get along the strings of the dating scene.  Most of the text he wrote here came from his own experience in meeting up with different kind of ladies. He also shares some of his known colleagues and friends experience who might be of help to his readers. He includes situation here which commonly occurs mostly to anyone and how to maneuver situation at hand.

Sarkin gave techniques and method that could be effective upon introduction with women. Few to mentions were on how to have a good compliment, how to correctly approach a woman, how to escalate your level of attraction and so many more. He says that this book serves as a guide with step by step methods to effectively socialize people around you.

If you have difficulties in having a good impression, this book is surely of big help. What good about this book was that Sarkin was emphasizing that they are so many brilliant ways to improve your attitude and esteem. And since your first impression to people was mostly of big deal, he carefully stabilize that there are things that you can do to make it unforgettable and powerful. His words are very easy to understand and his tips and instruction were very easy to apply. Another thing that is wonderful about this book was that he includes situation wherein it could be bulky or not in your side, but there are tricks on how to turn the wheel up once again to make it in favor for you.

To make this book more effective, I think he must also include point of views from the women’s department. A guy’s perspective was very different than that of women, so including tips that came from women could be of great help to this. In addition to this, it would be good that he include testimonials on the success rating of the techniques he bulleted out from this book.

On top of that, I could give this book a 4.5 rate out of 5. This is actually a nice book that could help men of all kind to boost up that confidence and show to the society on who is really the man.

Five Reasons to Sign Up With a Sports Social Network

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If you’re the kind of person that’s genuinely into sports but never seems to take the time of make the effort to actually go out there and have a go, there’s a new social media phenomenon that’s got your name written all over it. Taking the basic idea of the social network and doing quite marvellous things to it with the interests of sporting types in mind, the sports social network looks set to become the biggest thing since the protective groin cup in the not-too-distant future. And as it’s simply a case of human nature to want to be first in line, there’s never been a better time to check out what’s going on.

The long and short of it is that if you’re into sports in any way, you’ll be in your element. It’s no secret that loving any given sport and actually getting stuck into playing it on a regular basis are two very different things – life has a pretty effective way of getting in the way of the latter. However, this inherently means that there are thousands of other people just like you with the same scheduling conflicts and largely identical desires, which in turn means that if you were able to pull together, you could start some amazing sporting ventures and activities between yourselves.

And hey presto – the sports social network was born!

Here’s a quick look at five completely irrefutable arguments as to why today should be the day you sign up and get yourself involved:

1 – It’s Free and Easy

First of all, if you think you can get away with the excuse of it being too much of a pain in the rear-end to sign up or an expense you can’t possibly afford, no dice on this occasion. The very best sports networking sites on the web right now are not only a doddle to sign up with, but are also 100% free of charge to sign up with too. You don’t need to lay out a penny and you’ll need to enter just a few basic details to get started – a couple of minutes of your time and you’re well away!

2 – It’s Uniquely Social

Where sports social media differs from standard social media is in the fact that when you reach out to people and make contact lists using the former, chances are you’ll actually meet them and interact with the person. Compare this to the average Facebook account where about 95% of ‘friends’ will never, ever meet in person and you start to see just how social sports networking can be. Of course you’ll stack up a good list of friends to generally chat and shoot the breeze with, but for the most part you’ll be looking to get stuck into some in-person sporting activities with them too.

3 – For the Sake of Your Health

A good sports social network is a fantastic motivator when it comes to staying fit and healthy. The number-one secret to staying in shape is no secret at all – you just have to find something that you love doing. And when you’ve found that choice activity, a sports social network allows you to do as much of it as you want as frequently as you like. Stay in shape while enjoying yourself – it’s a privilege most people will sadly never experience!

4 – You Might Surprise Yourself

It’s often assumed that the sports social network is the sole stomping ground of the professional sportsperson and those dedicated to the cause in a big way. Not true at all, in fact the majority of members tend to be either amateurs or those just getting started for the first time. There’s no better way of finding people at the same level as you and with the same interests to get started in a totally new sport or activity. And once you do, you might just surprise yourself with how fantastic you are at it. Even if you don’t, you’ll have a blast finding out!

5 – No More Excuses!

Last but not least, no matter what it is you’re into you will find that once you’re up and running with a great sports social network, you’ll have no more excuses for not getting up and getting active. Come rain or shine and no matter where you are, there’s always more going on than you could possibly wish for. So, no more muttering “Yeah, but where can I play netball at this time of year?” or generally finding any old excuse not to get up and active – you’ll have so many opportunities you’ll really have no excuses whatsoever.